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倪益新 kevin ni

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邊界聚合| 空間設計事務所 是一个在室内设计以及空间规划方面拥有专业能力和丰富经验的设计团队,涵盖商业空间、居住空间、办公空间等... A professional design team with expertise in space planning and interior design. We specialise in project management from the initial concept to the final lick of paint in a wide variety of environments, including residential space, office space, commercial space,and so on. . 设计作品及访谈先后收录于台湾《室内Interior》,美国室内《InteriorDesign》,《现代装饰》,《装修情报》,《怡悦办公IV》,《中国室内设计年鉴》以及ArchDaily,Archello,谷德设计网,美国室内设计中文网等知名媒体平台... ■■Email: ■■Wechat: nbcni07 ■■Website:





博客:10 篇


隐江澜|Yin Restaurant

(2019-06-13 18:10)


"the blank doesn't mean empty, it's for anima and life flow, result in concise then to refinement full of philosophic flavor , finally get rid of the shape restriction."


There is a space advantage for Yin restaurant who own a terrace for flexible design, so we tried to build a connection and interaction between interior space and roof garden at the beginning of space plan, quite a few scenery highlights are also applied to improve their fusion degree.


A exclusive lift will filter exterior noises and bring you into this peach garden. Just out of the lift car, your eye sight will run into the corridor and reception area, which are naturally divided by day lighting penetrating from the roof grating, they play a light and shadow shift along season changes and cast a dramatic effect on the dark but plain floor;

The timber finish background in reception and the pomegranates in garden form a vision contrast, the interior extended into nature, time blended into scenery, a sense of deep and serene created by the longitudinally stretched hallway, which also become the transition space of movement and stillness.


Across the winding path into the court yard core, there are PDRs surrounding the central water feature, it converges sights from all directions, this is inspired by the concept of Hui style architecture -"Four waters return to the hall", which regards the water as a mirror reflecting the vault of heaven, merging the scenery into each PDR with lighting, bringing the guests music of wind and rain, cheers of toasting.


The dining space use wide timber elements to match warm-grey wall covering, helping improve the overall harmony; the silk hard packing in low saturation balances the spatial feeling; The boutique and fresh feeling jump out of the dark color tone; the weaved ivy and bronze together to create a sense of contrast; all these details try to reach a best experience point between oriental Zen spirit and contemporary concise.

The public area is holistically dealt with more blank and creates large volume relationship, a way to express intention with rich imagination.






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