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新冶组新作 | 层高十五米 超大巨型空间享受未来式蹦迪体验 Centre club

(2019-10-21 18:50)


地点:揭阳 | 中国

主案设计:陈武 YellowChan


摄影:MAXBINN & 张志坚



随着近年来城市经济快速发展,在揭阳这座拥有许多辉煌殊荣的粤东古邑,城市人群的精神文化消费变得愈加丰富,为迎合商业业态的发展及娱乐方式的多重需求,揭阳CENTRE CLUB应运而生。


With the rapid development of the urban economy in recent years, the consumption level of the urban population in Jieyang, an ancient city in eastern Guangdong province with many glorious honors, has become increasingly rich. In order to meet the multiple demands of commercial development and entertainment, Jieyang CENTRE CLUB came into being. 

The designer interprets the technology, future and design with the futuristic party spirit, and takes the futuristic and technological sense as the main line, endows the inspiration of diamonds with the vitality of the spatial geometry concept, creates the top fashion and entertainment space for the high-end customer group, and brings a restless entertainment revolution for Jieyang.


The overall layout combines high-end KTV and bar mode, and sets up independent cyber celebrity rest area, PARTY area, and VIP area, to achieve entertainment and business integration experience in function. Space skillfully uses light bands to connect various functional areas, which are the different discrete combinations of dots, lines, and surface, they are both interconnected and independent. The end of the active line takes the open hall as the visual focus, and the multi-dimensional extension delimits the walking streamline, making full use of the open layout to enhance the interactivity of the space.




After entering the reception area of the bar, you will enter another space in a trance. In the interpenetration of the copper color scaffold matrix and the feeling of multiple cut planes with hollowed volumes, angular elements are used to match the well-arranged light strips with lines, so as to shape bony space. The corridor is like a time tunnel, but it has a strong sense of elegance and delicacy, connecting the PARTY site to all areas. Through the quiet hallway tunnel, there is the largest area in the whole project: PARTY district, about an area of 1,200 square meters, the height of 15 meters super giant hall,  the hollow column design, the depth of the whole space and visual impact let a person off guard at the moment, no matter which angle you stand in, the field of vision can easily permeate the whole site.

The PARTY area is separated from the VIP business area, which is closer to the needs of different customer groups, with the latest technology high-definition screen, each VIP room has its own complete and unique design style. The main tone is black and gray. The lamp of metallic color takes in free space, reflecting delicate and contemporary dimensional texture. The architectural appearance design follows the temperament of the audience, and the visual effect of vertical and horizontal diamond cutting makes the interior and exterior set off each other, just like the collision between time and future, which is restoration as well as fiction.  


Since it is a high-end entertainment place, the configuration of the space is naturally designed to be ultra-high-end. 360 ° panoramic design carrying international top amplification system, music fruity, shock, distinct, surrounded by 5 D video technology unique multidimensional visual space, show a strong prospect of entertainment technology innovation, the bold and dynamic lines become more passionate and exciting under the light at night and the integration brought by the extreme electric sound experience, allowing every player to enjoy the extreme experience of disco dancing.  

在消费升级的时代下,揭阳CENTRE CLUB对科技、未来、设计做出了引领性的诠释,新冶组以创新为设计基础,满足现代人群对未来世界的憧憬与幻想,实现多元的跨界入侵,突破有限空间,创造无限娱乐,重新定义了揭阳高端娱乐生活的蓝本。

Though Jieyang CENTRE CLUB is the bar under the consumption upgrade, it is the interpretation of the science and technology, the future and design, from beginning to end. The Newera Design Group is taking innovation as the foundation of design, satisfy the modern people a vision of the future and fantasy, realize multiple crossover invasion, break through the limited space, create unlimited entertainment, and redefine Jieyang high-end entertainment life blueprint.  

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