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The nature lives with me in symbiosis,

and everything is with me as a whole. 

——Chuang-tzu·Essay on the Uniformity of All Things



From all directions, I stand between heaven and earth. Taoist thought: "Tianyuan" which means mind to be harmonious to accessible; “Difang which means must be rigorous. Based on the historical and cultural origin of China, this design finds a harmonious relationship between heaven, earth, people and prose. The designers use simple elements to present the artistic conception of the east.



Life is flat, but the heart is full, there is no bravado, no bustle, only the peace, purity, and fullness of the soul. Do not be addicted to the bustling world, do not write about the troubled things, do not sigh for the miserable world, and do not be upset all the time. Appreciate the opening of a flower, waiting quietly for the flowers to fade. Cherish what you own and keep  Do not love the world's vanity, do not write the red dust, do not sigh the world, do not provoke the feeling of sadness, leisure to look at flowers, quiet to spend, warm self-knowledge, clean as the beginning, and be innocent all the time. This is what we are pursuing. In addition to meeting the functional requirements, the space also reveal the power of the soul, so that people can be pleased and relaxed here.



Round lamp, square chair, rectangular table, square shelf, round cup, rectangular table flag…The comparison between "square" and "round" has reached the acme of perfection. In ancient Chinese culture, the round sky presents the movement, and the square earth presents the stillness. There is endless philosophy in the movement and stillness.


The ink painting on the wall of the sofa has become the finishing touch, showing the artistic conception of traditional Chinese culture. In the twilight, the distant mountain radiates the smell of plants and air, and makes people confused whether the landscape is unreal. Ink painting, coffee table with marble texture, cushions, carpet with ink figure, all of these make people feel like standing in a deep mountain.



In the frame of the square, there is a circular ink color, the combination of the circle and the square is a combination of Yin and Yang, which also forms the beauty of the combination.


All things in the world are round and square, and all of them are unique natural, harmonious. In the process of understanding this beauty, we have been inspired by the addition and subtraction of arithmetic, combining circle and circle, square and square, circle and square flexibly to create the beauty. The marbled tea table, black and elegant cabinet, and ornaments are all decorated with black lines, which reflects a kind of cohesion and appeal.


Tea is like the gentleman, and the gentleman loves tea. Both of them have a kind of elegant temperament, honest inside, and revealing the extraordinary quality.


The top of the ceiling is outlined with a thin line, which fits the theme of round and square in the light of the light. The figure of stone resembles Chinese ink painting style, changing gradually from grey to white, presenting wonderful shade, which makes people feel the charm of the East beating.


Nowadays, the East aesthetics is more and more popular, and it also presents an open gesture, and maintains its own character. Each person has such a mysterious oriental mood, and it carries the spirit of resonance.



Blue bloom in the light ink space is particularly bright, combined with the reflection effect of the clever use of mirrors, makes people want to stay here for its fragrance.



The design of the storage room and the kitchen is quiet simple, getting rid of all the tedious. This kind of simple style has its own rich content. 



As the closest friend of sunshine, the balcony gets a lot of plants. Without leaving the house, you can enjoy the scenery of nature, and get rid of the hustle and bustle of the city. You will never get tired of spending your time here.





Project overview




设计师 | 张怀 张云 张浪

Interior  Directors: Huai Zhang   Jack Zhang   Lang Zhang
开发建设 | 电建地产

Development and construction: Power China Real Estate Group LTD.

项目性质 | 样板间

Project nature: Model room

设计面积 | 125

Acreage: 125
硬装造价 | 4000/平方

The cost of hard outfit: 4,000 RMB / square
软装造价 | 4000/平方

The cost of soft décor: 4,000 RMB / square
主要材料 | 捷克灰石材、仿古铜不锈钢、高级壁纸、木饰面

Main materials: Czech grey stone, antique copper stainless steel, advanced wallpaper, wood finishes

设计时间 | 201610

Date: Oct. 2016




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